Iraq War - The Real Terrorists !!!

Tom Petersen
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Warning: This Video contains images that are not suitable for Children. Viewing is recommended for Mature Audiences Only.
In this Video, I ask the question… In the War against Terrorism… Who are the Terrorists ?
Coalition Forces invaded Iraq against the wishes of the International Community… and as a consequence, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi Civilians are estimated to have been killed.
With the Invasion of Iraq… came the promise from George W. Bush that he would ‘free the Iraqi People from oppression’… When will that promise be kept ???
Innocent men, women, children and babies are being imprisoned behind barbed-wire, and tortured ! Is that the ‘Freedom and Democracy’ that President Bush wishes for the Iraqi People ?
The People of Iraq do deserve their Freedom… and their Dignity ! Let’s help them obtain it, by first Bringing the Troops home… and then, as an International Community, providing the support they need to rebuild their country in the manner in which they determine !
Iraq belongs to the Iraqis… Not the United States !!!


@n-irwin and vett009 your comments are shocking to me...are you so patheticlly uneducated that you are unable to understand that just like you these are human beings? Like you, they have no control or say in past action taken by their government/leadership? I hope to God the error of your thinking and ways do not come back to destroy you or your family, but if something horrible were to happen, you can be sure to give yourself all the credit.
By MissXicana 4 years ago
nobody gives a flying fuck about the iraqi people you anti-american piece of shit
By n-irwin 5 years ago
you did worse to the people of Kuwait.
you robbed rapped and murdered their children and committed crimes against mother earth by igniting oil wells and releasing billions of gallons of oil into the sea.
This is clearly Allahs revenge for the evil acts you have performed against humanity.
By vette0009 6 years ago
god bless usa
By peluche-forgeron-yoyo 7 years ago
Thx for this video ! Very emotionfull and enlightning
By galomir1 7 years ago