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    Cant' we talk it over-Alex

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Can’t we Talk it over- Jeff Healey & Alex Pangman

    My friend and trombonist Brian Towers just send me this message from Toronto:
    Devastating news, friends. I have just had a call to advise that Jeff Healey left us today. The cancer went to his pancreas and that was it. He had been to Nevada for special treatment which did not work. He was in St Joseph's hospital for palliative care at the time.
    He was just 41 years old with musical gifts bordering on genius A terrible loss, not just to friends, musicians and family but to music lovers the world over.
    Although Jeff was mostly known for his efforts in the rock field, his real love was in clssic jazz. He owned a large 78 rpm ccllection and next to guitar played some fine trumpet as well. He came to Vancouver with Alex in 2001 and we played a fine concert together.

    Alex Pangman is now about 22 and has been singing with Jeff Healey. Jeff ‘s love has always been early jazz. I guess he made his money to be able to afford much more time towards classic jazz. In this clip, probably in 1999, Jeff accompanies Alex on guitar and then sings a chorus as well. On her first CD issued in 1999 she recorded this tune "Can't we talk it over ", most notably recorded in 1932 by Red McKenzie.
    Alex started her singing career around 1993 and I was in the band when she did her first public performances