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Spirit Trap Opening Credit Générique

il y a 10 ans49 views

In London, four students have a call from the student accommodation office of the local university offering lodging in an old house. The psychic Jenny, the graph design student Nick, and the couple of lovers and drug dealers Tom and Adele are welcomed by the weird Tina. Nick fixes a spirit clock, and sooner Jenny sees the crimes that happened in the house in the past, when two lovers died. Along the two next days, Jenny, Nick, Tom and Adele disclose that each one of them had killed a person on the past and also that they are trapped in the house, since a ghost is claiming a killer for a killer to release the soul of Edmund Joseph.

Quatre étudiants, Tom, un petit dealer, sa petite amie Adele, l'excentrique Jenny et le sensible Nick, pénètrent dans une vaste demeure en apparence inoccupée. Ils y rencontrent Tina, une belle et intrigante jeune femme. Lorsque Nick remet en marche une vieille horloge russe, des phénomènes étranges commencent à se produire dans la maison. Des esprits semblent se manifester...

UK 12 August 2005
USA 19 December 2006 (DVD)

Directed by : David Smith
With : Sam Troughton, Luke Mably, Billie Piper, Emma Catherwood, Chiké Okonkwo, Ovidiu Matesan and Kitt Smith...

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Credit to : Archangel Filmworks

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Spirit Trap Opening Credit Générique
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