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    Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Atomic Bomb victims & survivors


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    we'll someone sucks at life.... not american... not christians... not japanese people.... you sir.... you suck at life
    ユーザー名 gofish5105 年前
    You are aware that the Japanese used some of the most brutal and gruesome tactics in history fighting their side of the war... You do realize that they also were responsible for attacking people who were not engaged in a war with them... As devastating and horrible as the use of the atomic bomb was, it was by no means an unprovoked attack. They were on the side of one of the most lethal and terrible regimes in all of human history. While you seem to want to paint the US in a negative light with this video, it was not without warrant that these bombs were dropped.It's easy to look back and say that you wouldn't drop the bomb--but after a long and hard-fought war, what other choice did the people in charge of the US have? Should they have let many more Americans die? The job of a country's gov't is to protect its citizens. By dropping the a-bombs, the US gov't succeeded in its job. BTW, how are Christians to blame? That's BS and I'm agnostic.
    PS singular of women is woman
    ユーザー名 slow17motion6 年前
    You are absolutely right that we should bring happiness and peace for the future. We should never have to use nuclear weapons again, but don't blame the United States. Blame Hitler, blame racism, blame the former Imperialistic Japanese government who massacred Chinese women and children. In war, every country commits atrocities, yes, even the USA. Understand that Americans of those times did what they had to do to end the killing. Remember that Japan attacked the United States first. I could show you horrible pictures of dead children killed by members of every country in WWII, especially the murders that Japan committed. You should learn more about what your own country did before you attack the USA. By the way, I love Japan and I live here.
    ユーザー名 shaulindragon847 年前
    OMG....this is so sad...:(
    ユーザー名 danchy7 年前
    great video keep holding on
    ユーザー名 muse678 年前