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    The Eyes Of The Mummy (Silent, 1922) -

    Jean-michel Pelet

    par Jean-michel Pelet

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    Un des premiers films tournés sur le thème de la momification dans le cinéma fantastique du début du XX siècle. Il a été tourné en 1918, mais sorti sur les écrans en aux USA en juin 1922.
    Produced in Germany by Projektions A.G. Union at the UFA (Union Film Alliance) Tempelhof studio in Berlin
    Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
    Scenario by Hans Kraly and Emil Rameau
    Six reels, running time of 55 minutes when it opened in Berlin On October 3, 1918. It was released in New York by the Hamilton Company (Paramount).

    Starring Pola Negri, Emil Jannings, Harry Liedtke, and Max Lawrence.

    A tale of revenge.
    A young English painter Albert Wendland (Harry Liedtke) is on a student trip to Egypt. While strolling through the desert outside of Cairo, he comes upon a young woman drawing water at a well. When the young woman notices him, she runs away, and Albert chases after her, but she loses him among the sand dunes.
    The next day Albert is on the terrace of the Palace Hotel, and he hears a Prince Hohenfels asking a guide to take him to visit the Burial Chamber of Queen Ma. The guide tells the prince, "All previous visits to Queen Ma have ended in disaster." The guide points out a visibly shaken man on the terrace who is being attended by a nurse. He had been a recent visitor to the burial chamber.