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    Galapagos Clipshow (NiN - Ghosts) (Galapagos Video #7)


    by Urgo6667

    PLEASE RATE - COMMENT - FAVORITE AND SUBSCRIBE! So tonight (March 2, 2008) I saw that Nine Inch Nails followed in Radiohead's footsteps and released their latest album, Ghosts, DRM-free to the Internet. They allow everyone to download the first 9 tracks (out of 36) for free, and the whole thing for $5. Above that, they are also letting people use the songs on YouTube, podcasts, whatever! After reading the news and checking out the music, I was inspired to take some footage I hadn't posted yet from the Galapagos and put together this music video. I did it quickly, but I think it came out okay :) Enjoy!