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Crash Bandicoot 2 Final and Secret Ending


by Envisioned

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Don't know if I said it before, but I'll say it now: This game. Is. AWESOME.

And I love your nickname for Aku Aku. Heh, "Boudabaga". I think you've actually got me calling him that now.

"Jump on the penguin! Oh-- or not. OK."

And aww man, I like the seals! D: They're cute. :3 The penguins too. And Polar! Can't forget ADORABLE little Polar. And Pura in the next game! I luv Pura~
By crash_bandicoot_rocks 5 years ago
Hmm... since the secret ending causes the game to end without the Cortex boss fight, does that mean if you get 100% before finishing the game normally you only need to do 4 boss fights?
By Dragonatrix 6 years ago
I noticed a pattern: Both secret levels in the first two crash games had similar concepts. Polar/hog secret and Dark secret. I find this hilarious.
By Para Goomba 6 years ago