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    The Greatest of All Time


    by MatBattle

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    Rightful PRIDE Welterweight Champion? Wouldn't that have been Frank Trigg. Misaki's last fight in PRIDE was a loss to Frank Trigg. He was lucky to win the 06 GP
    By DynamiteK8 years ago
    angel molina ibarra
    i really like the way misaki fights and this is a very good hl, good music and moments of his fights, but the ending part when says misaki is the most handsome men and stuff looks very stupid i was thinking to put in my profile of myspace but the people are gonna think that im a kind of fag or something, by the way he is not signing with ufc and never will, he is alredy signed with strikeforce, i got some pancrase misaki fights, contact me if you wanna
    By angel molina ibarra8 years ago