Glenn coe

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après avoir quitté fort william vers le sud, on prend la vallée du Glencoe, magnifique s'il en est: vallée montagnarde, rude, sauvage en haut de laquelle on trouve le plateau de Rannoch Mor
sur l'un des meilleurs morceaux de wolfstone, Gillie

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If truth be told,then read on.
The Massacre of the MacDonald clan in 1692 was blamed mainly on the Campbells,this was not fact but fiction.
King William the 3rd of Orange was defeated at the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689 by the Scots,this lead to him plotting revenge at Glencoe,he ordered the Campbells to make sure that many of the MacDonalds had a feast of drink,this way William's troops would find easy pickings the following day.
Many of the Campbells had in fact helped many of the MacDonald clan to escape to the nearby hills.

Don't read the history books,they won't tell it as it was.
Par Sidsnotwasere Il y a 6 ans