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    'Contemporary Issues' is just about the dullest title any TV programme could have. 'Must rush home - Contemporary Issues is on TV tonight!

    The graphics are really crude, unimaginative and clunky.

    And the speaker is - unspeakable!
    Par lilaspastiaIl y a 7 ans
    Just like the religion itself, this really patronises women. 'Women have to cover up for their own protection' - what planet is Philips living on? Let women decide this, not Philips and definitely not some religion.

    Of course other societies have rules about what men and women may wear in public, but this is as a result of a consensus of society about what is acceptable and what is not. It is not as a result of what 'Allah' is claimed to have told a 'prophet'.

    Oh, now I understand! Men regard women as 'sex objects', so of course this means that women must cover up - as if it's the fault of the women!

    Why doesn't the man stop boring on about the details of what women should or should not wear?

    A really pompous man.
    Par lilaspastiaIl y a 7 ans