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    DMX - Ain't No Sunshine

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    Miss Undercover

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    It's dark and hell is hot

    REF.: Ain't no sunshine when it's on
    Only darkness every day
    Ain't no sunshine when it's on
    Cuz when its on, ya niggaz gonna be gone
    Every time cuz we don't play

    "Who turned out the lights?"
    Is what niggaz be sayin'
    Now you don't wanna fight
    But ya niggaz be playin'
    Thinkin' its alright keep playin with that road
    And you gonna know the night
    When you layin in that cold
    Dirt gettin' tossed in your grave
    Now it's all over
    Preacher said "You was brave"
    But now it's all over
    You just one of the many,
    plenty I done gave it to
    (*boom*) Ain't no savin 'you
    No matter how many tears your moms' cried
    Ain't gon bring your ass back
    Plus in hell, you gon fry
    Why? But now the only 2 releative questions
    Is "Do we bury him or burn? Any suggestions?"
    Either way, you up out of here for good
    Now when niggaz mention you name
    They knockin' on wood
    Did I, get my, point across?
    Another body on the shotte
    Another joint I toss

    REF.: Ain't no sunshine when it's on … [ Repeat 4x ]

    There ain't no sunshine
    When the Dark Man comes out
    And I want mine
    So I plan to keep my gun out
    We got four 9's
    So niggaz run in and run out
    But I bust mine
    Cuz I'd like to hear some shots
    Get At Me Dog+ niggaz know how its goin dizzy
    When it comes to that flow, I gets busy
    Who is he? Dark Man of the unknown
    (GRRR ARF) One dog, one bone
    Now who ain't goin home? Looks like you
    You hear strike 1, talkin' shit, strike 2 …