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    Farmers insurance rush hour commercial


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    The other bicyclist looks like he's having a good time. This would make a good bike commercial, stressing the need for a professional fitting. At least it's a more accurate portrayal of driving than most car commercials. Plus if the guy got rid of his car entirely, he'd save HUNDREDS on car insurance and THOUSANDS in car payments, gas, repairs and not the least -- lose the extra weight!
    Par BikeandBreatheEasyIl y a 8 ans
    No responsible company would depict motorists hassling bicyclists the way Farmer's does here. Maybe the next ad from Debbie Karnowsky will show a woman walking to work as drivers throw water bottles and flip her off. State Farm decided to stop airing their ad showing people on bikes getting hassled... maybe Farmer's will grow up too.
    Par BetterWorldDotComIl y a 8 ans