Internet Network Marketing Gives You Freedom

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  • Add to I love the freedom that Network Marketing Attraction on the Internet has given me. Finally working my network marketing business from home has become what I have always thought it would be. I am finally creating revenue (making money without spending much money or sometimes it's completely free) and attracting my own prospects to me. This has allowed me to have the freedom to grab my lap top and go on a trip spontaneously. I can be close to my network marketing business on the Internet and I can have fun and know that my marketing campaigns are working for me even when I am not watching it closely. It was very sunny for late February and so in the middle of the week I decided that I am going to the ocean. On my way to Cannon Beach, Oregon I got a call from a prospect on Facebook and so that reminded me of the Internet Social Network Marketing webinar at Renegade University. Facebook is just one of the Social Marketing sites that I am using to attract prospects to me. It's really cool because it's free and prospects call me all the time. I have completely stopped the purchasing of leads and cold calling them. The situation now is completely different where I have prospects call me all throughout the week and I am monetizing this process. Places like Facebook and knowing how to create my marketing campaigns there have allowed me to build my business in a lot easier and more profitable way. Facebook is just one of the Social Marketing sites that I am using for my Network Marketing prospecting process and monetization. There are a lot of other Social Networking and Marketing sites on the Internet (they are what you often may see referred to as Web 2.0) and you can explore all of your options on how to attract your prospects and leads for your MLM using those by watching the free webinar that's available at Renegade University. Go to and Click on Step 3. It's free to get a Renegade University account and you not only access ...

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