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    Nicointelpro - 9/11 Subway Hecklivism

    Nico Haupt

    by Nico Haupt

    Notes from the producer: Season 1 of the new 9/11 Reality TV Show "9/11 tv fu*ker" is closing in to an end. Officially on March 3rd we will produce this season's cliffhanger "On our way to Kent475 Ave" aka 9/11 tv fakery building. The political context will be warren12, the so called 9/11 fu*kery building, inspired by the 'Rauch Haus', a famous squatter building in Germany, once inspiring the Anarcho Band "ton steine scherben", recently sampled in ewing2001's mashup "Deutschland Uber Alles". See*kery&search_type= for related episodes and remixes. This new transgres comedy mash will lead into this episode. On March 1, 2008 Nico Haupt gave a 5 Minute Interview to BBC, who are still filming their documentary about WTC7. In this interview, filmed at Ground Zero by James Gilles, Haupt expressed his thoughts about the ongoing censorship of Mainstream Media on the evidence of 9/11 TV fakery and the sellout of co-opted We Are Change by "WarCriminal" Alex 'Scientology' Jones. During a follow up argument with one of the WeAreChange 'activists' Luke Rudkowski and his groupie called again the Cops on Haupt to remove him for the second time in one month. This mash, produced 2 days earlier, is dedicated to today's event plus Paula Gloria who came too late to stream the 'incidents', as also our camera chip turned dead. PS: Finally i bought a chip reader for $10 to get more director's cut up, to be released during next week ; Also coming up soon, a new cover version by RNN: Michael Jackson - Don't stop til you get enough current megaprops to: Zbinozo, 41musicnet, q65u, iBissRegime, 911NEWSS, krokus69, paulagloria, dippypoggy, ajoecraine01b, Nine10Eleven,TheWebfairy, AtheneWins, 911rev, jimthelinuxguru, drumcode911, joecraineytmartyr, divinitydaley, YELTSONTHE3RD, ednacintron, AK5RD, photofu, scottishcream147, WelcomeToKilltown Ecothearcy, parahaduma, Apocalypsynch, MJoeCraine01M, megshead, Nephilim70, NavyFalcon, ...