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    Outcast PC game - Attack in Motazaar

    Dr. Who

    by Dr. Who

    Just fooling around in Motazaar, attacking some barracks with soldiers.

    A bit of info on this fantastic game:

    Outcast is an action-adventure computer game by Belgian developer Appeal, released in 1999.
    Instead of an hardware-accelerated graphics engine, Outcast used a purely software-based combination of voxel and polygons. Makes for much more interesting terrain, at least at the time. I think (pretty sure, well, damned sure actually) they also used voxels for many buildings, walls, trees and stuff. An ingenious use of voxels!

    The music has to be mentioned too:
    Outcast features a high-quality orchestral score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and choir. Fitting beautifully with the gameplay, like in a great movie!

    The story and execution is simply brilliant! Too bad Outcast 2 was cancelled.. this game was unfortunately never a hit, and the company went backrupt while developing the sequel.

    (Some info taken from Wikipedia: Outcast game)