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    WoW Warcraft gold farming manual


    by wowvidspot

    887 views Would you like to know how you can farm 200g per hour? Then you should check out Derek Beachler's Warcraft riches guide. Derek used to sell gold and characters to chinese farmers and was making a decent amount of money doing it, but now he decided that he was going to make money teaching how he does it. His guide comes with step-by-step strategies that he actually uses on a daily basis. The guide is very simple and anybody from a level 1 character all the way to level 70 can use it. He will show you everything from professions, to the auction house, to grinding and he will also show you all the hot items that you can have and that you can farm and put up at the auction house for tons of gold! If you want to know more about Derek Beachler"s Warcraft riches guide, visit: ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------