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    Warcraft 1-70 alliance lvl guide -


    by wowvidspot

    368 views Are you an alliance player? Then you should check out Brian Kopp's 1-70 alliance leveling guide. He has created a easy to read step by step leveling guide that comes with specific instructions supported with pictures of nearly everything you have to interact with in one way or another like what you need to pick up, odd quest turn ins, special techniques, etc. The best thing about Brian Kopp's alliance guide is that it focuses on questing, not grinding and that you can solo all the way to 70. You may need to group a few times throughout, but you'll never be dependant on needing a group again... Is guide is good for any Race or class from Draenei, Night Elves and dwarf or Shamans warriors and mages... It also comes with an amazing mod that you install that will uncover your entire map so that you can see everything before it's uncovered. It also allows you to import the special waypoint system that shows every coordinate in the guide on your map for even faster leveling so you don't have to manually search for coordinates. If you want more information about Brian Kopp's 1-70 alliance leveling guide, visit: ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------