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Crysis - Back Right View

il y a 10 ans223 views



Crysis in 3840x1024 (4MPixels) that s to say 2 times the full HD resolution, on a 500" curved panoramic screen. The player is placed at 3.5m from the screen, so the only thing he sees at 180° is the game. He plays in an interactive chair with an interactive kevlar, that make him feel the bullets impacts. The imersion is total. This extreme gaming machine, is powered by a Tri SLI nvidia computer: 3 8800 Ultra 768mo, Dual core 6850, 2Go RAM, 1250w power supply, vista (this extreme computer has more video ram than ram :D). This incredible gaming experience was created and firstly presented by Uncle-Bob and Freddydaud at the Atomic Re-SO 2008.

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Crysis - Back Right View
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