April Nevin: Cutters


by WonderHowTo

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when i lived in California i had a group of friends that would cut themselves or each other and im just like what the heck 3 of them just wanted attention but the other 2 where kinda messed up in the head i burnt my self one time well 3 times all in the same night i was going through a really rough time we had just moved my gf broke up with me right before we left so i know what it feels like but after i did it i felt really stupid and i thought to myself i told myself i was never going to do this. ps ilke how you talk about real life not some fantasy world XD
By stephen fortner 3 years ago
go out with me ??
By terebinajinahikya 4 years ago
im a fan of the "razerblade" method. but ya a safeypin works too. but tell her when shit goes bad to just smoke a blunt and relaxe.
By rob4789 5 years ago
I had the same veiw as you but then i had life probems got help and now i understand
By juggalo41 6 years ago
Good girl baby...
By wahi123 6 years ago
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