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    Johnny B. Badd vs The Yellow Dog


    by TSteck160

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    That is why there was a bounty on the yellow dog because it was so obvious that it was the "retired" Flyin' Brian. His hair was always sticking out and he had a pretty distinct hair style, although when Black Blood eventually beat the yellow dog and unmasked him it was Rip Rogers, who had straight platinum blonde hair.

    After Pillman went heel he stated in the wcw magazine that he outsmarted everyone and was indeed the yellow dog, which was quite funny to me as a kid.

    Pillman also didn't try to disguise his raspy voice when he said "Johnny B. Gay".
    By Oldvitor6 years ago
    Yes, WCW didn't do a good job of hiding his identity. I mean the same music and weight tell you that its him.
    By Chad7 years ago
    Brighat B
    The Yellow Dog was Brian Pillman.
    By Brighat B8 years ago
    Jessy Leppert
    Who was The Yellow Dog?
    By Jessy Leppert8 years ago