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With OG JIm ROCK and JImrock Back in Effect as AMERICAN GANGSTER . The HOOD knows that We are making the best videos for PartySceneHynas.com and The Streets of SAN DIEGO. HILLTOp and castle park and the Hoes and the sd streets.
PROPS to the San Diego Party Scene. and Props to All the Homies.. props to BBH crew and all the People on daygo Streets.. Wow. Huge events are Going off the Chain Every Weekend. JImRock is doing it big with bros b4 Hoes crew and partySceneHynas.com .. And Everyone knows.. whats up.. IN DAYGO. its ONN ANd Popping.
SAN DIEGO Rappers ,at THEIR BEST,Weed,meth,methamphetamine,crystal,herion,marijuana,speed,ice,crank,coke,cocaine,, THE SAN DIEGO ,STREETS ace nasty ,and BBH crew video. ,Together for one Video . WOW the ,HUGE STREETS ,of Daygo aka ,619 and ,858 and ,760 city streets., are off the chain. crips and bloods and gangsters, Surenos, Tecat, Otay ranch, easlake, Mira mesa, Esco, San marcos, vista, oceanside,encinitas, la jolla, Suth east, west side, westside, eastside, Northside, SOuthside, texas, CHingo Bling, Surenoz, GANG BANGERS,SAN DIEGO RAP LEGEND - partyScenehynas.com videos . JIMROCK SD rap 619 858 760 house party gangster latino chicano crip blood video. Jiggaboo Jones ,and the Homies from ,z90 and ,98.9 and cpixel ,and ,BBH hoes, and, vip girls, and ,the streets ,that have ,lowriders and ,JEFE and terms ,and serch and tweety loc and tons of rappers. E-low and mac mall and E-loone no J-loone Jloone . The SAN Diego party sceneBaby Boy Slick The King Of Tha West..

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