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KH2FM Lv1 Stats Sora vs. FFVII

Xavier Gray

by Xavier Gray



Very cool with the FF7CC's Opening Music (Start Mission).
By Michael 7 years ago
To tell you the truth, PrinceSayan, I don't have the game, or how I got the codes, but I know some good people who did all this good stuff as you see on this video. Go to Youtube and look for Smartguy05, Syoudous and Bloodyjab, they're the one who did the work, while I download the videos from megaupload links. Plus, Bloodjab has all the cheat codes to both the US & the Europian versions to KHII and the cheat codes to Final Mix+.
By Xavier Gray 7 years ago
hey man nice video rly! how did you do tht? rly nice! cant you do a video where you are Cloud or something lik tht? i would lik to knw how you did tht video! thx alot!
By Joao Paulo Gama 7 years ago