akihabara Tokyo street Akiba, cross akihabara


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From Mansei bridge cross of Akihabara center street, pass west side back street of center street, and back to center street, based in heart of japan, they take place major actors of industries, it's Hight tech paradise !
Live from Japan
To be contunued ...

Thanks to Jaraku
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very nice virtual walk
ユーザー名 Aldric DUSSOURT 6 年前
j'adore le japon c'est mon pays préféré; cette vidéo est tout simplement magnifique. mon rêve c'est d'y aller un jour.
ユーザー名 saeba22 7 年前
Well every sreets are full of stores !!! It's Awesome.... THE JAPAN IS A WONDERFUL place, like no others !
ユーザー名 emMANUel Y. 7 年前
Vive le japon et vive l'Asie!!!
ユーザー名 unventdesud 7 年前
c pas un pays, c le paradis!!!!!! vive le japon vive tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ユーザー名 eikishi91 7 年前