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    Coming up: the latest from the life of Britney Spears, plus which OC star might see some jail time, and Pam Anderson calls it quits, again.

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    Britney Spears isn't out of the woods yet, but she is definitely on the road to recovery. In fact, she's doing so well she was able to see her kids earlier this week, earning the second face-to-face visit she's had with them after almost 2 months of being prohibited from visitations. Ex-husband Kevin Federline's bodyguard accompanied the Sean Preston and Jayden James, along with a court-appointed monitor, plus ever present father Jamie Spears, and, of course, an attorney. Speaking of attorneys, it was ruled by a judge that Brit's conservator case involving her dad will NOT move to a federal level, and will remain at the Los Angeles Superior Court. Attorney Jon Eardley was found to not have enough proof that he was actually representing the pop star, but bad news for Brit's camp. The judge declined to award the attorneys fees to the conservatorship, meaning Brit will have to pay over $40,000 in legal fees for something that wasn't her fault! BUMMER!

    She may have been the face of BeBe but now she's the face of the West Hollywood Sheriff's office. Early this morning Los Angeles district attorneys filed charges against former O.C. star Mischa Barton. The young starlet was charged with four criminal counts stemming from a DUI arrest from December, including marijuana possession and driving without a license. Her first hearing is tomorrow and we'll see if she might see some jail time.

    And so much for Pam Anderson's latest marriage. I mean, come on, we all knew this was going to happen! Who marries a man from a famous sex tape?? The blonde bombshell has filed papers seeking an annullment of her marriage to bad boy Rick Salomon. And, the interesting part is Pam cited the reason for the split as ...