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    Solved! Audio/Video Out-of-Sync With USB Mic


    by MatthewBredel

    I have spent perhaps 100 hours over the last 3 months on the issue of synchronizing my video from my camcorder with the audio from a USB microphone. The best I was ever able to do was to get the sound and video to match up when I solely produced it as a flash file. This is not a great solution and it really limited me on my editing capabilities as well as my video distribution efforts. Probing around the internet forums, I was not the only person with this problem and the only resolution appeared to be to buy a camera with an external microphone input (which meant I needed to buy an XLR to mini-jack converter). This just meant MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    I don't know what I did not go to him earlier, but Mike Stewart (the InternetAudioGuy and InternetVideoGuy) gave me the solution: Video Capture Wizard.

    The tool is fairly basic (and easy to use), but it is designed to take the video from the Firewire of a Camcorder and combine it with the audio of a USB microphone (like the LightSnake adapter that I currently use).

    I tried it and it WORKED! After 20 different set-ups and 10 different capture software packages (including Sony, Adobe, Windows Movie Maker and a dozen shareware capture tools), I achieved success (and it only cost me 39 bucks at the end).

    Thanks Mike for the great advice and tool!

    Mike's site:

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