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    Vitali KlitschKO Vs Lennox Lewis R1 ws s

    ric alford

    by ric alford

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    i'm showing this channel to all my friends! ..i feel lonely though.. !?
    By sarah1231235 years ago
    tam bir şampiyon lennox
    By sahadan7 years ago
    ric alford
    Yeah! And maybe if LL don't want to box
    they could make it an MMA fight. Lewis seems to
    like holding and huggin a lot. Maybe Vit can still
    put round house kicks up to LL's head...
    By ric alford7 years ago
    ric alford
    Lewis is talking about a rematch now. Vitali and Lennox did
    an interview with each other after the Vladimir-Rachman fight.
    Maybe it will happen if the money's right. It seems Vitali and Lennox are on friendlier terms today than they were
    earlier. Still the head thing with Hayes makes me wonder?
    Did LL have a part in that?
    By ric alford7 years ago
    Yeah,lewis retired cause he was scared the bert 1 min he's british next he's american lewis is a loser
    By natecbr7 years ago
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