Australia vs France In A Chardonnay Battle - Episode #415

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by Wine Library TV


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You are an absolut ignorant, you threw some wine out of the glass, which is a huge gesture of disrespect.
You drink two wines IN THE SAME GLASS , I'm not accurate, I'm even a beginner but you are just so cheap with wine like some 99% of anglo-saxons with wine and last ut not least : You should know that every single bottle of wine sold in USA, sees a lot uf sugar added in it(even champaign) to match with american standards, which so deeply suck, so don't ask yourself about that wine, ask your self about how much disappointing is your dumb american rogue taste that should never ever get close of a bottle of wine...bunch of ignorants talking about "jabs" and playing with figurines like a 10 year old boy tasting daddy's cheap us whisky , I think that american dope is called bourbon, what a silly joke !
By Rossobianco_CA 7 years ago