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    Slowest Freight Train I Filmed So Far

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

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    Chase Millsap
    I have to agree with that because i've only been to a few other crossings that have a 2nd gate waiting 1 second after the first gate goes down, like Salisbury.
    And for filming I use a Hard Drive Video Camera so i'll plenty of space in my card.
    By Chase Millsap10 years ago
    Matthew Betzner
    Man! A Shay can be evenly matched to this train. at least it's by intersections (is it?). I think that the second set of gates come down after a while so that the cars that got past the gate coming down have a chance to get out of the Way. Nice Job (must have used up alot of tape and alot of time to get it on here).
    By Matthew Betzner10 years ago