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    Custom Bumper Stickers


    by stickergiant

    Hello, I'm Izzy Fischer and Welcome to StickerGiant TV

    Today I am going to tell you about the custom bumper stickers featured
    on our website at Our standard bumper stickers
    typically ship in 24 hours. If you need us to create or alter your
    artwork it may add a bit of time, but the stickergiant team is the
    fastest around.

    Not only are we fast, we are flexible too. We can print as few as 75
    bumper stickers or as many as 100,000, its your call.

    The StickerGiant Bumper Stickers come in 5 popular sizes including the
    classic euro-oval bumper sticker.

    Having standard sizes makes our stickers more affordable and much
    quicker to print. This means that we are able to get you great bumper
    stickers faster and cheaper.

    Most of our bumper stickers are printed on our heavy duty Laminated
    White Vinyl, they are hard to tear and will stand up to extreme
    weather and unthinkable abuse. If you need a bumper sticker printed on
    a clear vinyl stock, no problem, we offer that as well.

    All of these stickers are printed with upto 6 colors and we offer 25
    popular ink colors. Bumper stickers with more than 2 standard colors
    may take a bit longer, but more color is always worth the wait.

    Our customers have asked why we offer so many popular ink colors, its
    simple, we are here to get you awesome stickers, to save you money,
    and to save you time. If you need a custom ink color, its no problem,
    we offer special color matching to give you more options.

    All bumper stickers start with an idea, you can create your own
    artwork, or we can turn your idea into reality because we offer basic
    artwork services to all our customers. If you already have artwork, we
    can prepare it for printing or make any alterations you request.

    Before submitting your artwork, please be sure to check out our
    artwork guidelines located at

    I'm Izzy Fischer and Thanks for watching, and don't forget to tell a
    friend about stickergiant.