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    Zombie Movie Trailer: Revolt of the Zombies DVD Horror Film

    Revolt of the Zombies is a fast paced and freaky horror adventure. The sequel to the horror classic White Zombie, this film ratchets up the gore and mayhem that had rarely been seen in the nineteen thirties. A shaman deep in Cambodia has obtained the knowledge necessary to reanimate the dead and form an army of zombie slaves. An expedition is sent out to stop them, but one member of the crew has plans of his own. Upon finding the zombie chief, Armand (Dean Jagger) steals the formula to create his own army of the living dead! The jungle scenes are properly nasty and cumbersome, while all the secret temples and doorways feel like the precursors to Indiana Jones. Revolt of the Zombies teems with fright, power, and imagination that are not to be missed!