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Mr. Duke [MV]

10 лет назад2K views



MR. DUKE (kdrama)

This is a fairytale depicting a romantic summer night's dream of a man and a woman from totally different background falling in love and getting happily married after all the turmoils.

Soo-Jin (Choi Ji Woo) was the beautiful daughter of a rich enterprise owner, President Jang. She was tricked into returning to Seoul from studying abroad as her father wanted her back to get married. Yet, Soo-Jin couldn't stand her father's matchmaking candidates and concocted a scheme with her secretary Park Ae Ja ( Choi Lan) to hire someone to pretend having all the qualities that her father wanted so he would leave her alone. They ended up having Kim Yong Nam (Kim Seung Woo) and made him up to be something that he was not, well educated, rich and sophisticated whereas in actual fact, he was working as a water bottle delivery man and was neither rich nor educated. The only thing he had was a good heart. Could they make a go for it?........