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    Lindsay Lohan Tricked into taking Marilyn Monroe Photos!


    by bswchannel

    43 825 views for more Britney. Lindsay, Paris celebrity gossip!!! The Writers strike ends and All is quiet on the Hollywood front… or is it??? Lilo gets tricked into full frontal, Brit Brit’s new older man, and Paris turns 27! All this and more on as BSW comes served piping hot straight out of the microwave! Paris Hilton turns 27! Happy belated birthday Paris! A week long celebration was capped off at the Pussycat Doll Lounge in Las Vegas. Paris went burlesque as she wore black lingerie and introduced the Pussycat Doll performance. Afterwards she changed into the Madonna inspired like a virgin costume, moved venues to Pure and posed inside an over sized champagne glass. Another year older yet not another year wiser. Paris when I’m your age I hope to have a career. Lindsay Lohan goes nude for a Marilyn Monroe inspired photo shoot shot by legendary photographer Bert Stern. It seems that she may have been tricked into taking it all off. Lohan’s reps say “The plan to publish nudes—a monumental move in her career—was never made clear.” Lindsay felt the nudes were meant for a museum not a magazine spread. To make matters worse the online response to the nude photos have been mixed at best. One blogger wrote, “I used to have a crush now she reminds me of my wife. What a buzz kill Whaaaa Waaaa!” “Another blogger claimed. “Her breasts are not that disappointing -- if she’s 50. Help, my eyes are bleeding!” Guys can be such jerks! Breasts come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes they sag and even have freckles on them. Get used to it! Britney has been seen around LA without the usual cast of characters. Gone are the regular Hollywood hanger-ons, leaches, and parasites, which have been replaced with a southern hanger-on, leach, and parasite -- her dad, Jamie. Rumors have been swirling that Britney’s back in the dance studio rehearsing for a world tour. In reality Brit brit can’t even go to a public restroom without asking her father’s permission, and then followed by private ...