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    Itsuka no kimi e Part 4


    by monkeypower

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    For the people that don't get the ending, read this.

    There are two ways of looking at it.
    1.) Ryu will go away now that he knows that Noboru will be taken care of. His little visit and that kiss was his way of saying goodbye to Hayase. He's finally at peace. This is most likely the case since Noboru didn't need to put on a wig and leather jacket in order to become Ryu. And also, Ryu came out in daylight, which he never really did, so that scene was special and conclusive (his last appearance in Noboru's body.)
    2.) Noboru is unable to cope with the fact that his brother was ran over before his eyes and still holds two personalities, but don't be sad if you think this is the case because he's still happy now whether or not he still thinks Ryu is alive. And both Ryu and Noboru seem to like Hayase anyway.
    By Jeanie6664 years ago
    I don't get it.... =s [lol]
    By iaagp4 years ago
    thnx for this movie is really good , hayase and takumi saito are so kawaiiii,thnx
    By ellllll5 years ago
    uwaa~aahh..what an ending...I LOVE IT!!! tnx so much..=]
    By yhorie6 years ago
    La bleue
    good film
    ARIGATO ;)
    By La bleue6 years ago
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