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The Fat Controller
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digital animation and music by sin sin
The clue is in the title. FUCK THE MACHINE is both a protest against the poxy state of the world and a celebration of man's relationship with technology.

sin sin biography
Dubbed 'digital terrorists' by The Irish Times sin sin is an international pan media group of artists working under the auspices of their beloved leader, The Fat Controller.
Members of sin sin produce films, theatre, music, pan media performances, gallery installations, web art, animations and illustrations, poetry, lyrics, short stories and comics.
sin sin was commissioned by New Moves at The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow to write and perform their touring live show, Star Dot Star - Post Techno Revue. They are currently working on a new piece for theatre, Hospital For Skeletons which premiered at The Amsterdam Fringe Festival, in August 2007.
Over the last year sin sin's short films have been shown in over 25 film festivals worldwide including screenings in America, Russia, Canada, Romania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia, France and England.
Their animated short, Inside The Dishwasher was featured in the Art Animation Gallery at Siggraph 2006 Computer Animation Conference, Boston.

The Fat Controller says 'The media is your only friend'

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