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    John Carpenter's The Thing - Full Sweded Version


    by Mario

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    Satisfyingphobi670 ----> (HQ version)
    Rightfulentrant959 (HQ movie)
    Oh - my - god. This was just put up on Kindertrauma. I came to this site and HAD to register just to put my comments. I am a HUGE, HUGE Thing fan - and this is awesome. Every little detail was in there - hysterical. I also liked the changing cast. Please put this on DVD and allow us to download image files to burn them.

    So, so good - you guys did an amazing job. Love all the silly string effects. Plus The Tardis - genius idea! Also - all the locations - they looked so similar, yet so goofy, it totally worked.

    Great job. It's clear everyone involved has a real love for the original film and probably have a great time making this. I just posted on my Facebook update - hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as I did.

    By PJoseph736 years ago
    Clarke Smith
    Simply excellent and hilarious film. I'm a huge Thing fan, even made a short based on the burned out Norwegian camp scene:

    I haven't laughed so hard and so many times in my life. I love it!
    By Clarke Smith7 years ago
    Simon Gesrel & Xavier Ehretsmann
    Hey guys, hope our video will be as huge for you as the one you made was for us. Terrible good !
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