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Hey everyone! I’m Neil Garcia your host for where I’ll be discussing being Gay in LA, and the West Hollywood lifestyle.In the Gay Terminology segment I will be discussing the term Twink.

Twink is a gay term describing an attractive young or young-looking gay man (usually in his late teens or early twenties) with a slender build and little or no body hair. The term twink is often modified by various descriptors such as butch twink, femme twink, Euro twink, and muscle twink.

The term is an allusion to the Twinkie pastry, which is golden (blonde) on the outside with cream on the inside, and is pleasantly sweet but with little nutritional value. There is a backronym that states "twink" stands for "teenaged, white, into no kink," although none of those things are either necessary or sufficient for being a twink.

Thanks for watching, I’m Neil Garcia see you in Weho

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