Introduction to Drupal


by jwhatcott

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Those keys did not work out correctly. Here are a few good key ,,
By Waggishlawsuit4868 Last week
UPDATE: good serials at this site ,,,
By Nervousretort81718 2 weeks ago
This is quite a good video. Great Job
By trueantispyware 6 years ago
This started as a good video and seemed to have clear explanations. I can understand the speaker very well but about 5 minutes into the video where the instructor was checking on items in modules and filling in data, the screens were illegible and so I couldn't tell what exactly he was selecting or filling in. Also, in the CCK module, he checked an item that I think read "date", again not sure because the screen was too pixely but if it was date, that does not automatically download with the CCK module. I had CCK loaded but "date" was not an item to check. I'd like to try to see this video again if the screen visibility gets improved. Thanks for posting it.
By jlanier2001 7 years ago
Great tutorial.very well edited.I learned lot of things from this video. Thanks! hop you will post more vids about Drupal.
By dailyroshan 7 years ago