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    Comic Book Reviews Umbrella Academy 6, Countdown 11 and more



    Thanks to Erislaughs and Odouglasj on YouTube for letting us use clips from their videos!

    We got another Newsarama Review from the floating head of Pete on the wrap up of the final Umbrella Academy. We thought this issue was well done and lived up to the hype. We give it 5 floating heads out of 5!

    As for Countdown to Final Crisis, Pete's floating head wasn't too happy with the issue, but we heard from artist Jimmy Palmiotti that the series is going to end with a bang.

    Wrapping up with New Avengers #38, it's all about the Skrull invasion. We thought it was a great read and a lot of fun so be sure to pick it up.

    In the Speed Round, we review Captain Marvel #3, Spooks #1, Green Arrow and Black Canary #5, Dead of Night #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #550.

    In the Mailbag you guys asked if we ever made our own personal comics.

    And finally, we're turning the cameras on you guys. YouTube user odouglasj reviews the first "digital" comic, Shatter from 1985 and erislaughs runs through some of her stack.