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Vito Liuzzi

VITO LIUZZI plays live the "Divertimento Concertante" for doublebass and piano (better Orchestra) written by NINO ROTA (who has been the most important italian soundtrack's composer) for the great italian soloist FRANCO PETRACCHI. It's a live-TV performance for Telenorba Broadcasting Italian TV (the most important South Italy local TV. But for questions of Copyright, they has no gived the permission to use their professional shootings. I have had to download a normal videocamera shootings, and not the professional ones.
In this recital I played: Koussevitzky Concerto, Bottesini " Capriccio di bravura",
Bottesini "Elegia in Re", Nino Rota "Divertimento Concertante" and Bottesini "Tarantella".

It's not easy to play with three professional cameras framing you and with those three unpleasant lights which appear and disappear. It has been a big emotion !!!
I had 23 years old and It was my first (and Last!!!) Italian TV PUBLIC CONCERT. I beg your pardon!Â

Enjoy with it!!

Vito Liuzzi

p.s.: Bottesini Tarantella is an optional in the third video, at the end. "Too tired and too imprecisions :-)!!

p.p.s.:sorry if quality audio-video is not at the best levels!!! It's my brother fault, dr. Rino Liuzzi.

Vito Liuzzi

pf: maestro Gianni Saponara (Professor of Piano in Italian Conservatory of Music) with my friend dr. Rosalba Lapresentazione

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RWMartin said: 6 days ago (Delete)
Thanks for posting your age-23 debut on south Italy television. Amazing facility and lovely bow style and bow changes. The bow seems to be a great match for that bass. Your brother's camera orientation was great for letting us see your beautiful bowing up close as well as a lot of you left hand facility on the full range of the double bass. Bravo!
Di vito liuzzi 7 anni fa
Enjoy with my first and last concert :-(!

But I hope you reconsidered the DOUBLEBASS (Contrabbasso) under another point of view. It's not only the "chitarrone" ("enormous guitar") but also a "concert instrument" (strumento da concerto).
If you are interested, I suggest you to give a look also on YouTube. There are incredible classical doublebass player.

Why I talk in English? My Italian is no correct!

See you


p.s.: ciao dalla Puglia
Di vito liuzzi 7 anni fa
It was my first and last concert !!

See you


Di vito liuzzi 7 anni fa