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    NS P-61, #173 & Photos

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    And Finally we have 2 trains and photos from that day. Now I apoligize for now being able to add the complete video of the trains.
    1. My 1st Battery when I was filming P-61 went dead on me.
    2. Then My 2nd Battery when I was filming #173 with a BNSF GEVO in the lead.
    P-61 to my understanding had 2 Sd40-2s with Ricky, Rob & David as a crew for this train,
    Then #173 came through and it had another lame GEVO, but it was okay because it was a BNSF Heritage #2 GEVO. BNSF #7742, NS #9462 & #9184 pass on by, and in the middle of the train, the 2nd Battery went dead on me, but was able to see the lead engine.
    And here are my photos from this day.
    I'd liked to thank Dave Younts, Clint Renegar, Jeremy Hughes, Stephen Riley, Paul Wise and everyone else who showed up today, without them, the day would be a mess if we didn't get all that Foreign Power.
    I Will catch ya Next Week!!!
    Tran77 Out!