Starry Night Productions/Warner Bros.

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by Allison

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The VERY creepy logo for "Starry Night Productions" (1984-1989). This is the vanity logo for "Night Court" producer Reinhold Weege. It was dropped in 1989 when he left the series.

Fun Fact - the crazy laugh is rumored to be that of Mel Blanc. It was not used in the first season.

I've never been a fan of the piano chord (sounds like GOOM!). And the laugh? Whoah, that is some freaky stuff!

The Warner Bros. logo is the current logo. The shield was always seen at the end of this program, but this is the current variation, with the website address at the bottom.


The one w/out the laugh was only seen in the 1st 10 or 11 episodes of S1. Starting with the last few eps. of S1, the "laugh of doom" came in.
By Megamanj2004 3 years ago
I know right? I just don't like the sound effects in this logo. The logo itself is fine otherwise. I don't know if I've seen the one without the laugh.
By Allison 7 years ago
The laugh sounds like Ray Charles.

What exactly is the person laughing at? Do exploding stars making slap noises amuse him?
By GarfieldFan2000 7 years ago