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    The Virgin Mary - Worshiping Her Is Evil


    by sosmither



    L.A.E. Juan Carlos Villaseñor Ruiz
    No tienes Madre? no la amas? pues Cristo, Jesus tambien tiene, y no es cualquier mujer, es la obra mas preciosa de Dios Padre, lo mas limpio, lo mas Santo, y por eso Jesus la ama, con todas sus fuerzas humanas y que no haria un hijo para ver sonreir a su Madre. Pidele a ella, que te ilumine con sus dones, que son muchos y que interceda por ti, ante el mismisimo Dios, para que tenga misericordia por todo lo que lastimas y confundes a sus queridos hijitos.
    Whoa! a video full of distortion indeed. Made by anti-Catholic fanatics? Thought so; nothing new under the sun. Seen lots of that lately, there are always people who are looking to further divide christianity through distortion of catholic doctrine to cause confusion. I sadly see no difference between the makers of this video and any suicidal fanatic prepared to attack others whose beliefs don´t supposedly go along exactly with a certain cryptic passage of a certain holy scripture. The first characteristic of fanatism is herein displayed, to wit: refusal to study a foreign religion´s theology at depth before making any statement about it. Everybody run!! This video is made by potential anti-Catholic suicide-bombers!
    By sotojil955 years ago