TDS: Good Riddance

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by Erica

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A reminiscent video of Stephen on The Daily Show. It seems so long ago now that he's got the Report :)

Song: 'Good Riddance' by Green Day

Disclaimer: I own none of the content featured in this video. It is merely a compilation by a fan.


I hate to do this because I hate it when people do this, but it really irks me that they play an ad on top of the video as it's playing. I mean, if you're going to play an ad, please play it before the video starts. JEEEEZZZ!!!
I did like this video but it was ruined by the ad.
By llama5476 4 years ago
That song can make anything heart-wrenchingly sad.
By Amanda 7 years ago
I said this over at the Colboards, but I'll say it here, too; this is such a great video. It made me sad, lol, but in a good way. Thanks for making it! It's really super good. :]

By drsaico 7 years ago