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    Eric Jacobus Action Demo Reel '08


    by stuntpeople

    Eric Jacobus Action Demo Reel - 2008
    Founder of The Stunt People

    Song - "Cash Cow" by We Are Scientists

    Videos: Bound by Blood, Dogs of Chinatown, Winds of Time, Everyone Is Kung Fu Fighting Reloaded: Ninja Game, Undercut, Immortal, Stuntblade Alpha, Fievel Throws Down, Gunpoint 2, Miss Asian America Pagent, Contour, Bet, Terry Suguri, Angels and Airwaves - The War, The Fighter, Contour Practice Video, Triple Dragon, Lily and Her Pink Guitar Choreography blocking, Stealth, Powder Struggle, DNA Lounge Live Show, Star Wars Jedi Trainees Show, Teamwork 2, Detour, Rush Delivery, Iron Buddha