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    fainting rallies


    by krs601

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    Captain Buck Cronkite USMC ret.
    "We're out of combat by next year." Just one of many lies people are waking up to here in America. This tool is gonna be out and gone in four -- with a reputation worse than Jimmy "the anti-Semite" Carter.
    nice one just what i needed
    By trueantispyware7 years ago
    VEUILLEZ NE PAS LIRE CECI. Vous obtiendrez embrassé le vendredi le plus proche possible par l'amour de votre vie. Le demain sera le meilleur jour de votre vie. Cependant, si vous ne signalez pas ce commentaire au moins à 3 videos, vous mourrez dans les 2 jours. Le copy et collent ceci, pour être sauvé XD
    By ishida-quincy8 years ago
    The best MAFIA GAME ever !!!!!!!
    By Pietro55518 years ago
    Curt K.
    who could possibly faint over what this nimrod says. Lies should make you angry, not pass out. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    By Curt K.8 years ago
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