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    Benassi Bross - Make Me Feel


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    Par ankoubretonIl y a 8 ans
    You gonna be my man
    You know it babe
    You gonna be my friend
    Oh Babe
    So darling take my hand
    Don't leave me waitin'
    Don't wanna lose my friend
    No no no babe

    Why don't you understand
    And just say 'maybe'
    My heart is in your hand
    Oh Babe
    Don't make me wait too long
    Don't make me crazy
    Don't wanna be alone
    No no no no

    Make me feel
    Make me feel, babe
    Make me feel
    Make me feel

    Make me feel x3

    This one's a funny game
    It's so amazen'
    And never be the same
    Oh babe
    You really turn me on
    You know I'm reade'
    You make me lose control
    No no no no babe

    Now won't you let me say
    And be your maiden
    'Cos you can luck my way
    Oh babe
    You really make me strong
    The feeling's faden'
    I know we can't be wrong
    No no no no
    Par veirannedusudIl y a 8 ans
    trooooooooooop classe
    Par belkis77Il y a 9 ans
    Pauline oOO
    Par Pauline oOOIl y a 10 ans