South Rampart Street Parade.

Michael Cull.
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This was written in the 1930's by Ray Bauduc and Bob Haggart who were two of the last survivors of Bob Crosby's Bobcats.
Ray Bauduc was a trend setter in traditional jazz circles. His precise, disciplined, yet fiery patterns and syncopated fills helped many New Orleans drummers.
Bob Haggart was a top bassist for 60 years. Originally a guitarist, Haggart taught himself bass while in high school. He gained fame when he joined Bob Crosby in 1935,
Rampart Street is a historic avenue located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The upper (up river) end of the street is in the New Orleans Central Business District. After crossing Canal Street, it forms the inland or northern border of the French Quarter (Vieux Carre).

This video was made on a D-type Wurlitzer, believed to be the first one to be imported into the UK in 1925. After being used in the "Picture House" Walsall for several years, it was then installed in the Congregational Church at Beer, a delightful little fishing village situated in South Devon UK, where it still remains.


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