The-dream ft fabolous - Shawty is a ten (remix) [OmEga]

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Shawty Rock To The Beat For Ya Boy
Do It
Rock To The Beat For Ya Boy
Radio Killa,Killa,Killa

Shawty is the
Sh Sh Sh Sh Sugar Honey Ice Tea
Prettiest one I see
Lil mama icee's
They say she a pices
I heard they are feisty
You know how to treat her
She'll be sweeter than a hi-c
Clean up very nicely
Shoes are kinda pricey
Match em up precisely
Good jean
Nice tee
Like her food spicy
And she is the same
Hotta than a flame
But i do not know her name
is it Keisha?
is it Tisha?
maybe Lisa
or Teresa
it could be Tia
maybe Aaliyah
I guess i'll find out one day
For now imma say Ayyyyy

[Verse 1:]
Shawty Fly,(eh) Shawty Tight (eh)
Shoulda Stayed There All Night (eh)
With You (You) With You (You)
I Missed Ya, Picked Ya
Now Its Time I
Get Back Up With You(You)Girl With You(You)
Oh Yeah
We Used To Kick Up At The Park
And now She's All Grown Up
Rockin Them Stilettos
Jumpin Up Out Of That Mercedes Truck

It Was Kiesha
It Was Sonya
It Was Tonya
It Was Monique
It Was Niecy
It Was Keke
Now To See You At 23
All I Can Say Is

Man I Don't Need No Hook For This hit(ehh)
Cuz Shawty Right There Is Ten, a Ten
Shawty You a ten
a ten
Shawty You a ten
a ten
[Shawty Is A Ten (Remix) lyrics on]

Shawty You a ten
a Ten, Oh Yeah

[Verse 2:]
Need Your Keys
So Waltz On Me
Burberry Fragance On My Shirt From When She
(Oh) Hug Me
Hard As A Rock When She Touched Me
Thinkin Now That She Would've Loved Me
What It Is, What It Ain't, Tell Me What To Do
I Know Im Late But Destiny Brought Me Back To You

Time Went By, Turned You Into A Butterfly
I'm Here To Say Hello, Tell Yo boyfriend Goodbye

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Shawty You a ten
a ten
Shawty You a ten
a ten

Oh yeahhhh !!

Culte déjà ^^
Par rvd62 il y a 4 ans
Toujours pour le plaisir des Yeux ;)
Par Le_Xa il y a 4 ans
)O( yeahh ça me plait!
Par neioefeaitie il y a 4 ans