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    Queen City Rocker (1986) - Trailer


    par Alexkiddmw

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    Also Known as:

    "Class 92" in France, to make a false sequel to "Class of 1984" and "3:15 / Showdown at Lincoln High" (aka "Class 89" in France)
    "Tearaway" (USA)
    "Total Defiance" (UK)
    "Gatans rebell" (Sweden)

    Directed by
    Bruce Morrison

    Writing credits
    Bill Baer (writer)
    Richard Lymposs (story)

    Release Date: 1986 (New Zealand)

    Runtime: 90 min
    Country: New Zealand

    Matthew Hunter ... Ska
    Mark Pilisi ... Andrew
    Kim Willoughby ... Stacy
    Rebecca Saunders.. Fran
    Peter Bland ... Jay Rder
    Ricky Bribiesca ... Sniper
    Pevise Viafale ... Flak
    Pevise Vaifale ... Flak
    Michael Morrissey.. Manager
    Rob Jayne ... Ryder's Driver
    Greer Robson ... Ska's Sister
    Simon Cornelius ... Ska's Brother
    Norman Fletcher ... Ska's Father
    Paki Cherrington... Andrew's Father
    Tasi Hunuki ... Andrew's Mother

    Company: Mirage Films

    Class 1984 - Le film original de Mark L. Lester, et ses suites officielles ou non :