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An earlier version of this video was released to gather feedback before being finalized. THIS is the final and definitive version. Thanks to everyone for watching and providing feedback.


On February 10th, a group that calls themselves Anonymous took to the streets in protest against Scientology.

In 15 minutes, this video attempts to tell the story of the events leading up to and including the actions that took place on February 10th across the globe.

The videos and photographs were taken by the participants of these protests and the owners, who can’t possibly all be named or known, deserve the credit for the footage I was able to pull together.


you are amazing? :) btw check out my pics!! ^-^
By tricky-trish 4 years ago
you are? AWWESSSSSOMMME! btw check out my pics!! !....
By loveelybabi91 4 years ago
jdirt2005: None of those examples you quoted are THE abuses I speak out about.I began speaking out due to C of $ breaking up families. (Hence my sign: "Scientology: Stop Breaking up Families" In tons of pickets). No one needs to know about me, to learn Scientology's abuses. Just type in " Scientology" in Google. The Second link is www (dot) xenu (dot) com. The other key abuses are Fair Game, Medical Abuses, Fraud, Stopping free speech, and using young kids-roping them into a BILLION YEAR contract. Yes, I speak out. You don't? Shame on you who allow this, and say nothing. Bless ALL of you who do. :)
PS: Some people write to me, worrying Anonymous is decreasing, and what do I think? Here's a fact: Anonymous (as people exposing C of $'s abuses) has done more than they'll ever know. Their actions and videos already have helped more people than they'll ever know. :)
By ToryMagoo44 5 years ago
ps: As you can see, this video brings out the love, lol!
By JustCallMeMary 5 years ago
I love this video! Just watched it again for the 4th or 5th time since it came out. I am a critic and former longtime member of Scientology. I love Anonymous and the critics of Scientology who are not afraid of nuttin. Anonymous helps provide a way to spoeak up anonymously - so needed for those who would be attacked by by the 'church' for speaking up. before Anonymous, well, there were many hard working ex members and associates helping fill the internet with reports of horror at the hands of the church, courage, sacrifice and heartache for wanting or getting up the courage to leave, or being intentionally separated from friends and loved ones for questioning matters. All due to this terrible organization.I love those who have spoken up about the abuses in and by Scientology. This is why I love those who are helping bring these abuses to light. Thank you for this video.
By JustCallMeMary 5 years ago
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